Who are we?

Consciousness Rising is an organisation that was founded by 5 Belgians in 2010 to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake. The name of the organisation back then was Viv Timoun, the Haitian Creole word for: Live, litte child. Over the years we have shifted our focus and our mission to dive deeper into the root issues that create our problems and heal the problems at the root. We have included many more countries into our area of work such as Brazil, countries in Europe and Benin. Therefor in 2018 we decided to change the name to Consciousness Rising. Nowadays Consciousness Rising is a non governmental organisation based in Belgium. It is a platform for Conscious Living, Emotional Awareness and Holistic Healing.

Our vision is to raise the Consciousness of our Western society and reconnect to the wisdom of our emotions. We envision a future for humanity in which the inseparable unity of emotions and physiology in human development and throughout life in health and illness is part of the basic understanding of every human being. We envision a future in which we recognise us humans as part of nature and realise that by destroying nature, we are destroying ourselves and by regenerating mother earth, we are regenerating ourselves.

Our mission is to create platforms and spaces for learning, emotional healing, personal growth, self-expression and regenerating ecosystems, thereby offering opportunities that allow for a deeper knowledge of who we really are and offer a more authentic connection with others and with nature.

We are registered in Belgium as a VOG with the Chamber of Commerce Number 0823.261.071

Call us under 0498136219 to reach us.


The founding members of our non profit organization in 2010